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Like a school on a holiday….


Pretty old news by now (‘specially after events in Boston and China), but those ever-busy sociologist types have been busy coming up with a new class system for the UK. You may have been wondering where you ‘fit-in’ now – well, wonder no more. The BBC website has this handy ‘class calculator’ ready for your input.

Honestly, I would’ve thought that we’d be all beyond this whole class malarkey by now – but no, humans still seem to need some way of feeling superior to their peers. Whether it’s money, what sort of music you like, how many books you’ve read – there’s always some schlub who’s not quite made the grade. I’m including myself in this because I’ve been known to make judgement calls of that sort.

My only plea is that, while differing with others on music/books/films taste seems far less divisive than hoarding money and snubbimg those with less wealth. I suppose it’s too much to ask at this point in history for a classless society, but I don’t think adding four new classes will diminish the haves/have nots scenario. Even in the U.S., where the class divide is far less apparent than in the UK – the sense of disparity seems to be growing and ‘class’ is more apparent than ever.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m no Marxist, but the idea of separate classes rankles me, which is why I don’t really enjoy shows like Downton Abbey, with their glorification of ‘know your place’ Britain. What to do, though…should we ‘tax the rich/feed the poor/’till there are no rich no more’, as Alvin Lee suggested in I’d Love To Change The World? I could never work out if he was genuine in that statement, or just mocking hippie idealism. Unfortunately, I’m not really in favour of taxes either, which are usually taken at the barrel of a gun.

Maybe someday we’ll all get it together and there won’t be a class divide. Wouldn’t that be nice? I’m a ‘new affluent worker’, by the way.