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We’re All Still Here…No-One Has Gone Away…


Hey now – it’s Gregorian year 2013…we all survived the dreaded ending of the world, which was supposed to happen on 21st December, 2012. I suspect there’s some fundie Christian preachers still wiping the egg from their faces. Not only them, quite a few New Agers and counter-culture luminaries, too. Like Daniel Pinchbeck, who even wrote a book all about the coming transformation. To be honest, I’m a little gutted. I was hoping that maybe humanity would transform and get a bit smarter – could be a delayed effect, though. Maybe the intelligence level will rise in the next two years.

Ah well, I suppose it’s good the world didn’t end – it means more time for books to read and music to listen to!

Our new-ish feline arrival, Magic, is doing well and settling into life at Ooze Towers quite well, now that his brother and sister have (mostly) stopped hissing and growling at him. He’s even ventured outside and has explored a couple of the neighbouring gardens (hopefully not leaving any…er…surprises in them). He’s a happy-go-lucky little character, though he wasn’t thrilled about going to the vets’ and getting his shots. According to Pixie, he was a trooper and didn’t freak out at all.

What else can I tell ya? Kate Bush accepted a CBE from ‘her majesty’. Aaaaaargh. That really did my head in. After years of fighting the EMI bosses to do things her own way, releasing quality records despite public indifference and generally being the definition of the word ‘integrity’, she accepts an ‘honour’ bestowed by a family of parasites who are alleged to be our ‘betters’. Why, Kate, why? I suppose, being an artist, she can cofound her fans, much like Dylan and Lou Reed. It takes her down a smidge in my estimation – but I can’t help it – I still love her.

David Bowie‘s back with a new single, in case you’ve been trapped under a rock for the past few days. The song’s O.K. – sorta melancholy and harking back to his late 70s/Eno collaboration albums. I’m not convinced it’s all that the Bowie-maniacs in the press are making it out to be – but it’s cool the dude is still alive and cranking out tunes. Some American record exec guy had the gall and temerity to try and give (unsolicited, mind) advice to the Thin White Duke…and has become a laughing-stock amongst the UK Twitter muso-hipster community. I dunno – while he may have mis-fired with the “Do It Like The Mumfords” comment – some of it seemed fairly spot-on, particularly about the choice of tune for the single. Anyway, it’s not like Bowie’s going to listen to Lefsetz or me or anyone else. He’s 66 and probably past caring what anyone thinks. More power to him, says me.

I am to start working on a new episode of my podcast, The Kaleidophonic Stroboscope, soon – so I’ll have that posted when it’s done. I bet you can’t wait!! (heh heh…)