Them ol’ Mercury Retrograde blues


I started seeing a few posts on Facebook talking about the Mercury Retrograde recently. I was slightly bemused, because while I find aspects of astrology interesting enough to research, I don’t believe in it per se. If you’re unsure what “Mercury retrograde” means, here’s a little primer.

Now, it’s fairly easy to scoff at this stuff and as I say, even I don’t believe it 100% – however, our computer that had been working fine for the past four years suddenly went kaput. The motherboard crashed and the computer tech. we called out to look at it couldn’t find any visible evidence of why it did so. Then our boiler started acting funny, though that was only temporary (phew!). All very strange.

I’ve been having really weird dreams, too – I mean, weirder than usual. You know those ones, where they’re quite vivid and you wake up and think “What the hell was that all about?”

A couple of other things happened as well – messages from friends which caused change and added to the aura of bewilderment.

Does all this mean anything? Maybe not. Could it be autosuggestion? Possibly – though I’m not sure how I would’ve caused the computer to crash by becoming aware of a Mercury retrograde. Curiouser and curiouser. My birth sign is Gemini and allegedly, we’re quite vulnerable to Mercury retrograde, as the sign is ‘ruled’ by Mercury. Heyyyyyy, now I can blame all my fuck-ups on those pesky retrogrades…I keed, I keed.

Antero Alli wrote a cogent post about the phenomenon – you can read it here. Good luck, peeps, but don’t worry – this particular retrograde is due to end on 17th March – just in time for St. Paddy’s Day!


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  1. Being highly sceptical of all things astrological (but, hey, who knows?), I’ll just add that things seem to break down around here all the time and don’t even ask me about my dreams! Now, I’m not saying these things *aren’t* deep and meaningful because they probably be are but I’m not so sure that the position of the planets have much to do with it. Still, I’m open to persuasion (as Ms. Armatrading once said…oh, and Tim Finn and Richard Thompson as well). I’m building up for some more ;posting, I’m sure of it. The sun is in Uranus. It certainly continues to be very weird around here.

  2. Ha Ha Ha! Good point – as I say – I don’t believe it completely, but I try not to dismiss it out-of-hand either. Agnostic as always.

    No worries, Bear! I was just perusing your latest posts over at “G.U.B.” – Pixie bought the Foxygen disc – it’s really good, though as you say, pretty pastiche-y. Have you heard the newest Unknown Mortal Orchestra album? Very good – heavy on the psych and Sly & The Family Stone tip.

  3. Hmmm… In the space of this last week I hurt myself quite badly falling over and then nearly choked to death, both of which were quite freaky accidents, and all of this without me even leaving the house. I think I’ll stay in bed until the 17th, it’s all just too dangerous…

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