Hidden Gems: Obscure 45’s No. 2: The Sea Urchins


Continuing our series of those unjustly long forgotten, ‘should have been massive’, singles from days gone by, this is ‘Pristine Christine’ by The Sea Urchins. Coming on like something from the classic hey-day of post-punk, this was in fact, recorded for the seminal Sarah Records label in 1987 by a bunch of lads from West Bromwich. I suppose it fits that whole ‘shambling band’, ‘jungle jangle’ vibe of the period but, to these ears at least, is superior to almost anything until the Stone Roses upped their game and could still give anything by them a run for their money as well.

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  1. Nice one, Bear! I admit my ignorance in not ever hearing of this band. I like it – it does have the jangly vibe, but it doesn’t over-do it, like some other bands. It’s even better than MBV’s stuff, until they upped their game as well.

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