By Way Of Introduction


I’ve been blogging on and off for nearly twelve years now. I started off as part of the Triptych Cryptic team, then started a ‘solo’ blog, 21st Century Schizoid Man, in late 2000. “Schizoid Man” wound down in 2004 and then Pond Of Tunes was hatched. I was joined on “P.O.T.” by my mate Singing Bear and my goodwyf, Flaming Pixie. We’d all met at The Flaming Lips BBS in the early Noughties.

“P.O.T.” lasted a couple of years and then we all decided to move on to a new blog–and then Blog Is Not A Four-Letter Word (title by Pixie) became our new venture. Singing Bear decided to head off to start up a number of solo blogs with great titles and ace music content and I continued on with “Blog Is Not..” for a time.

I started a music podcast in 2008 and that left a lot less time for blogging and the last couple of years I posted less and less, until finally pulling the plug on “Blog Is Not..” late last year. The podcast is here, if you want to check it out.

In any case – this is just another blog from me an’ S.B., posting on stuff we find interesting. Hopefully, you’ll find it interesting as well. To the Yes fans that stumble in here, it’s not really a Rick Wakeman tribute site, though I suspect the “Grumpy Old Keyboard Wizard” will feature in some of the topics. It’s also not a Yes news-site. You’ve got Yesworld and all the other sites for that. Let’s get this party started!

Simian – The Wisp:

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  1. Good to see you again, sir. I hope we both have fun and success with this venture. I’m looking forward to reading your cogitations.

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